Cookies Information

Like most websites, we use cookies to collect information about our website visitors. You can view the complete Cookie Policy on this page where we explain what cookies are, why we use cookies, what types of cookies we use and the categories they are in, your rights over your cookies, and how often we update this policy. In some cases, the information we collect from the cookies can become personal information, if combined with other tracking technologies or tools. For information about how we use and track your personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies
Cookies are small text files stored on your digital device (computer, mobile phone, or wearable devices) which you use to visit a website. Cookies cannot reveal any personal information as they do not collect that type of information. The length of time that cookies are stored on your devices varies. Session cookies will be deleted as soon as you leave our website, while persistent cookies will be kept for the designed time unless they are deleted or reach their expiry date. First party cookies are set by us on our website, and we also work with other selected and trusted service providers who host third party cookies on our site.

Why use cookies
Cookies are used to make websites work more efficiently and provide feedback to improve user experience, such as providing information of where the visitors come from, what pages are viewed and duration of the visit. However, such information alone cannot identify individuals.
We mainly use cookies to:

  • Make our site function well
  • Save your log-in to provide more convenience for you – take out?
  • Tailor content and information we may send or display to you
  • Enable advertising, analytics, and other purposes
  • Improve website performance. For example, optimize the speed of web pages
  • Enable sharing web pages with social media like LinkedIn

As we do not use cookies to collect sensitive or identifiable personal information, which consequently will not be shared with third parties.

What types of cookies do we use
There are four types of cookies we use on our website: essential cookies, functional cookies, performance cookies, and targeting cookies. Essential cookies Websites need the essential cookies to function properly so as to provide a good visit experience. For instance, these cookies allow you to log in to your Flipview account and use the website securely. Our website will not be able to work as they should. These types of cookies do not collect personal information about you that can be used for marketing purposes.

Functional cookies
We use these cookies to remember your log in preferences and enhance the function of our website. With these cookies, you are able to share a particular web page of our site to social media. Meanwhile, we will also be able to learn about the performance of these web pages so as to provide and display more engaging and relevant content. These cookies might be set by us or third parties. Disenabling them may lead to dysfunction of our site and will impact your visit experience.

Performance cookies
These cookies help us to understand how you use our website, thus making improvement accordingly. For example, with these cookies we can gather information about the number of visitors and their browsing path, and the devices they use to access to our website. When we have these information, we can optimize our website, such as the speed of loading and the content, by analyzing the user behaviors that these information indicates.

Targeting cookies
Also known as advertising cookies, these cookies are used to deliver advertisements more relevant to you. Set by our trusted third parties, targeting cookies can help: · Limit the number of times you see an advertisement or display advertisements that you are interested in by tracking clicks on and the performance of the advertisement · Provide security in transaction and a safe visit · Display remarketing advertisement. Only anonymized information is collected and used in order to track the effectiveness of our advertisement on third party websites like Google.

Your rights over cookies control
Cookies can be either disable or deleted from the browser you use on your devices, although doing so may result in a less smooth browsing experience when using our website and a large proportion of the world’s websites as cookies are an essential part of most websites. See Google’s Ad Settings for instruction on ad personalization. To learn how to amend and turn off cookies, see “Help” on your browser.

Update on this policy
This Cookie Policy will be updated from time to time to meet our business needs and regulatory policies. Please visit this web page for the latest amendment. For any inquiries or complaints please contact us at